Board games by Dieter Stein

The predecessor of Paletto.

Make a group of five to win. A simply difficult game.

Claim your territory in this strategic game.

The award-winning Mixtour is a wonderful challenge to your own thinking patterns.

A dynamic game with connections and a clear objective.

A smart little colorful game.

Strategy between two poles.

Color-stacking in circles.

Building a fireplace.

A mind-boggling game for three players.

Perfect shibumi.

Escape the haunted castle.

Knot the pieces together to score the most points.

The player who collects all seven pieces of one color wins the game. Get all seven!

A deduction game.

Houses, palaces, towers and two architects. Who will build the best districts in town?

A Reversi variant.

Inspired by the beauty of birds flying in flocks. An abstract game with placement, movement, connection, and territory elements.

A game like football.

Connection and stacking.

Conquer the opponents castle!

You need two to capture.

A "worker placement" abstract.

Divide areas, create boundaries and occupy squares.

Who will swerve and zig-zag the best and thus win the race?