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Yet another game that is easy to explain and suitable for any age, where some thinking comes in handy.

For 2 and 3 players, ages 8 and up, with simplified rules for younger players.
Published by Gerhards Spiel und Design

Rincala – 20 × 20 cm gameboard made of solid beechwood, treated with protective oils, lacquered wooden playing pieces in 4 colors.



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Red to move and win in 2. Click on the board to reveal the solution.
Short Mixtour Rules:
The height of the target tower determines the move range, straight orthogonally or diagonally only through empty spaces, you may move opponent pieces and split towers at will; the top piece of towers of height 5 determines the winner. Official rules …
Mixtour Notation:
a1: add a piece, a1:2-c3: move two pieces from a1 to c3, a1-c3: move only one piece

Spiel des Jahres
Recommendation 2013

German Mensa society (Mensa in Deutschland e.V.)
MinD-Spielepreis 2013 for Mixtour

Tower-building to the highest standards – it’s all about the right distance.

Mixtour: Rules / Play online / Puzzles / published by Gerhards Spiel und Design

Spire, Shibumi Challenge 2nd place Sparks Spook Spindizzy

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