Get all seven!

Tintas is played on a hexagonal game board with 49 spaces and pieces in seven colors and a neutral pawn for collecting the pieces.

The player who collects all seven pieces of one color wins the game.


“I just adore Tintas. It’s small, beautiful, never fails to catch people’s attention and get them to give it a try, can be taught in about 30 seconds, and gives you a pleasant little brain burn. […]” — Faldum, BoardGameGeek user

Never Play Chinese Checkers Again […] Tintas is one of those rare games that is easy to play, and offers a satisfying set of choices. […] I really love this game. It checks almost every box for me. Light, fast, great to look at, and portable.” — Meeple Mountain

“Can you lure that player to do something that looks helpful to them while actually setting you up for a better position in the long run? The answer to that question partly depends on what you’ve already collected since the opponent has a few glowing Xs of their own, and those intersecting landmine maps light up the tension on the board, driving you to avoid disaster and aim for the security of most, but sometimes you take the wrong step and everything ends with a bang…” — W. Eric Martin, BoardGameGeek Video

Seal of Excellence by The Dice TowerTom Vasel, The Dice Tower Video

“This game was an instant hit with several of my non-gaming family members. The color wooden discs simply draws everyone to the game with a playful curiosity.” — Alex N, BoardGameGeek user

“Best game with only one moving piece ever invented. Can play it shallow or deep. Brilliant.” — richgowell, BoardGameGeek user

“A kind of game I would play anytime, even after work when I am dead tired.” — S.K. Lator, BoardGameGeek user