Attangle (RamalamaS edition) being played at the Festival Internacional de Juegos in Córdoba, October 2008.

Players alternate placing their pieces on the board. When two pieces from a player converge on one from their opponent from different angles, they can capture it. Both places are moved on top of the captured one making a stack. This stack can then capture again or be captured by two single pieces but at that point it can’t move anymore. The goal is to build 3 such stacks.

Games are fast and ruthless with many strategies for defense and attack.

“Love this game. Simple rules but lots of surprises and opportunities.” – Maka, RamalamaS

”[…] this is a game of big sweeping movements (kinda like YINSH), of bear traps swinging shut, of delicate structures collapsing like Jenga towers in a domino run of punch-counterpunch, of getting in each other’s way and muscling in on each other and then getting in your own way and feeling like an idiot.” – Frederic Heath-Renn, BoardGameGeek