Dieter Stein · Néstor Romeral Andrés


A simply difficult board game for 2 players

The precursor of Manalath (which was called “Quarti”, then “Quinti”) was devised by Dieter Stein in 2006 and was first set aside, as the designer was not satisfied with it. Later as Cameron Browne published Yavalath, the idea came back to the surface, but still there was no substantial progress.

Finally in 2012, when nestorgames published a fine new Yavalath set, this game got its last shove in an online brainstorming session with most valuable input by Néstor Romeral Andrés.

Special credits go to Cameron Browne for finding the name of the game.

“This game has really high fun per minute. […] There are all sorts of unexpected winning moves and also unexpected escapes. It definitely belongs on the table.” – Combinatorial Game Theory

“This is a wonderful game, that got more and more interesting the more we played it.” – Cameron Browne