Mixtour à trois
Tactics for 3 players without a kingmaker

This is the official three-player variant of Mixtour. Knowledge of the standard rules is required.


  • Game board (5 × 5 spaces)
  • 3 × 15 pieces in blue, white, and red

Colors of the playing pieces


Each player selects a color and takes the corresponding pieces. The board is initially empty.


Players take turns in clockwise order. White begins then follows Red and Blue.

Other standard rules (moving, stacking, winning condition) apply.

However, all moves that would result in an instant win for the next player are not available. These can be:

  • suicide moves, in which the current player builds an opponent 5-stack
  • moves, which ignore a winning move of the next player
  • moves, which enable the next player to win in the next turn

In the case where the current player has no move available, the right to move is given back to the previous player, which means effectively the turn order is changed once to anti-clockwise.

Please note that it is the so called “third” player’s (the player to the right) job to supervise the situation and demand their right to move. If the current player makes a move that leads to the next player’s victory, the third player must “promptly” use his veto.