A smart little colorful game for 2 or 3 players


  • Game board with 36 spaces
  • 36 colored pieces (6 colors, 6 pieces each)


All 36 playing pieces are placed on the game board such that same-colored pieces are not horizontally or vertically adjacent.

One of many possible setups.


The game is won by the player who either takes all 6 pieces of any color or whoever takes the last piece from the board.


Players take turns. In each turn a player chooses a color, then removes any number of same-colored pieces (not necessarily all) from the board and puts them in front of him.

A piece may be removed from the board if …

  • there are no adjacent pieces on two sides. At start only the corner pieces may be taken – see figure 2,
  • and all remaining pieces are still connected horizontally and vertically after the move – see figure 3.

The first player may take one or both black pieces, or the yellow one, or the grey one (five different moves). All other pieces have only one free side or they are surrounded completely and therefore unreachable.

All marked pieces (✔) are reachable. The red piece in the middle (✗) may not be taken: it has two free sides, but it also connects other pieces.

This version: 15 March 2011

This version: 15 March 2011