Federico da Montefeltro
Duke of Urbino in the 15th century

Battista Sforza
Contessa d'Urbino

Federico da Montefeltro, also known as Federico III da Montefeltro KG (7 June 1422 – 10 September 1482), was one of the most successful condottieri of the Italian Renaissance, and Lord of Urbino from 1444 (as Duke from 1474) until his death.

Federico, nicknamed "the Light of Italy", is a landmark figure in the history of the Italian Renaissance for his contributions to enlightened culture. He imposed justice and stability on his tiny state through the principles of his humanist education; he engaged the best copyists and editors in his private scriptorium to produce the most comprehensive library outside of the Vatican; he supported the development of fine artists, including the early training of the young painter Raphael.


Federico da Montefeltro
Conte d'Urbino