The Monuments variant

All standard Urbino rules apply – with the following additions:

Before the game starts, players agree on playing with monuments.

There are three different ones, each of them consisting of three buildings of a player that are horizontally or vertically connected in one line.

They score twice as many points:

Town wall
"Muro di cinta"
house - house - house
6 points
Ducal palace
"Palazzo ducale"
palace - house - palace
10 points
tower - palace - tower
16 points

Only one monument per block may be scored.

In case of a tie, the more valuable monuments prevail.

Example: White scores for 1 ducal palace, 1 tower, and 3 houses: 16 points. Black scores for 1 cathedral and 1 house. With 17 victory points, the district goes to Black.
Please note: White may not score for an additional town wall and Black would win this district also with 16 points (without the house) as the more valuable monument prevails.